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  About us :

  We are Certified Auto Rebuilders 
                      and offer you 
           the most car for your money

Have you heard about "Employee pricing" , 
"Wholesale pricing", "You pay what we pay", 
Wholesale to the public", "Blow-out sale", etc... ?
All of these "deals" from any-sized car dealers - add up to more than 95% of the NADA value...

We sell our cars at 60% of NADA value !!!

  All cars are professionally restored to their
original factory condition and have had:
                        - alignment and oil change
          - DMV license and theft bureau inspections
              - NC safety and emissions inspection.
For out-of-state buyers we will get instant rebuilt title
and guarantee you will register the car in any state.
We do NOT charge any additional fees for paperwork. 

You can deposit $200 to secure any of our cars.
You can have any mechanic inspect any of our cars .

We can arrange for a low-cost transport to your door.

We can assist you in getting your car financed.
Most Federal Credit Unions ( like Pentagon FCU, Navy FCU, USAA Federal Savings Banks, etc...) WILL loan you money on a rebuilt vehicle.
The rates vary between 2% and 4.5% - based on your credit. 
You have to realize that most "Buy Here - Pay Here" dealers find you financing from 15% up to the State maximum (30% interest rate)... 
These places are NOT helping you... They are screwing you... !!!
We offer full warranty for ALL of our cars: $200 for the first month and $100 per month thereafter... for as long as you wish...
Most of our cars are sold locally (outside of ebay).
However - our ebay account is: positive feedback) 
While buying on ebay - don't be fooled by sellers with less than 50 feedback ratings... And you should NEVER - under ANY circumstances - buy a car from sellers with less than 20 positive feedback!!!

Carfax charges $40 for 1 report, $50 for 5 reports and $55 for "unlimited" reports (but only based on the license plate)... 
And you still think they are "helping" you ?!
They spend tons of money in advertising the "importance" of the clean title, which does NOT guarantee lack of previous accidents nor the current physical condition of the vehicle... 
These reports cost them cents on the dollar - hence the incredible profits from their "priceless information"...

However - if you insist on running a report - you can run up to 3 FREE reports per day here:

The "paradox of clean title":
If the repair was estimated at $7000 (for instance) - that would "trigger" the salvage title process. 
If the repair was estimated at $6000 - the insurance company would fix the car (at shops like ours). 
When buying such car - you would pay full price for a "clean title" car that was also repaired after an accident... :) Just the repair was not reported... :)

Testimonials - since NO customers have access to ANY dealer's web site - ALL of the ones you read elsewhere might as well be fabricated (along with their names)... unless contact info is provided, but that would be invasion of privacy...

We repair and sell 120+ cars each year, but we keep the privacy of our customers and we choose NOT to post FAKE most other dealers do...

All of the cars you see in the "Before and After" sections are cars we have fixed and sold... We have been in business since 2005 ... We are also one of the most honest rebuilders you will EVER find... 
                    (we disclose and show you absolutely everything!!!)

We specialize in late Volkswagen models.
We perform service and maintenance on all cars.

We also work with insurance companies and we can repair any body or mechanical damage for a fraction of your written estimate(each case is determined individually...)


If the seller does NOT show you pictures of the accident "before" - 
have in mind that it probably was not as "minor" 
as they claim the accident to have been... Examples:

The first photo is from a car that actually sold on ebay - 
These photos were NOT shown because "it was a small wreck"... :)
The other 3 photos are examples of cars you may be buying from 
other sellers who don't disclose previous photos... 

Buying a rebuilt car is a smart thing to do !!!

However - be very careful who you are buying the car from... 
Because some cars should never have been restored...

Very few sellers are as honest and professional as we are...

                                                                   Hours of operation:
Mon - Fri : 8am - 8pm
Sat & Sunby appointment

    Ivan: 704-733-8752
                                                               Office: 980-299-1262