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  About us :

We make your dreams affordable !!!

Have you heard of: "Employee pricing" , "Wholesale pricing","You pay what we pay", Wholesale to the public", "Blow-out sale", etc... ?

All of these "deals" add up to 100% of NADA value...

In comparison - our cars cost around 65% of NADA !!!

All of our cars are professionally restored.

We guarantee you can register our cars in any state.

We don't charge any additional fees for paperwork.

You can deposit $200 to secure any of our cars.

You can take any of our cars to be inspected and appraised at any mechanic of your choice...

We can arrange for low cost transport to your door.

Our ebay account is: positive feedback)

( it would be a huge mistake to buy a car on ebay from a seller with less than 20 feedbacks )

Testimonials - since NO customers have access to ANY dealer's web site - ALL of the ones you read elsewhere might as well be fabricated (along with their names)... unless contact info is provided, but that would be invasion of privacy...

We repair and sell over 120 cars each year, but we keep the privacy of our customers and we choose NOT to post FAKE most other dealers do...

We have been in business since 2005 ...

We are honest - we show you everything !!!

Check our work in the "Before and After" sections.

We service and maintain all cars purchased by us.

We also work with insurance companies and we can repair any body or mechanical damage.

If other sellers do NOT show you the accident "BEFORE" -

have in mind that it probably was not "minor" ...

Most sellers do NOT have the facility nor the knowledge

to rebuild cars professionally like us... 

Buying a car from us is a smart thing to do !!!

South End Auto

2225 Graham park Drive, Charlotte, NC

cell: 704 733 8752

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